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Welcome to GardenSelect

Products With A Difference

GardenSelect hope you find its website informative as well as providing you with a selection of interesting gardening and horticultural products that can be purchased online.


Below are just a few of our featured products. If you would like to browse the rest the products in our range, please visit our online shop!

Rootex Control Bags & Barrierrootex bag
As featured on Gardeners World. Keeps roots under control. Bags suitable for use in the ground and containers. Rootex barrier stops roots penetrating into unwanted areas eg paths and drives.

Ornamental Animals moongazing hare

Go to online shop and see our wide range of ornamental animals. Made from resin and will withstand being outside in most winters.flock of sheep

Slug & Snail Shocka! shocka
Unique copper treated fabric, that slugs and snails hate! Can be used to protect all plants from slug & snail damage such as hostas, vegetables, fruit. . Safe to use around birds, pets and children.
NutriMatenutrimate tub
Organic growth stimulant unlike anything you have used before. Your plants will love it!

Light-Weight Pots & Containerspot
Probably the best lightweight and durable pots that really look like ceramic, terracotta or even wood! Frost proof. Ideal for indoors & outdoors. Keeps roots cool in summer & warm in winter!


Keeps wasps from being a nuisance without usng chemicals.

bahco toolBahco Tools

High quality hand tools, the professional’s choice, ranging from small secateurs to large professional loppers, saws and shears.

Root Trainerstrainer
Propagate cuttings or seeds with Root Trainers to ensure the best start for the roots allowing good strong growth.

True Temper Tools long handled tool
Range of digging tools including shovels, spades, forks, rakes and striking tools and other small tools.
Iriso Watering Systems iriso
Accurate dripper system from one plant to a large kit suitable for a greenhouse full of plants. Each dripper has 11 settings, therefore able to dose from 150 ml to 1.5 litres per day. No need for mains water or a pump!

Plantspyracantha plant

Range of shrubs and perennials in 8-9cm pots. High quality plants from Lineside Nursery from Rugby.

Magic Seedermagic seeder
The easy way to sow your seeds. Just push the plunger and it will sow your seeds at a constant rate.
Vi-Pots vipot
Bio-degradable pots made from rice husks Last for up to 2 years, then just put on the compost heap

Enviropave & Rite-Pave
enviropave on front drivereinforcement systems are designed for long term use, providing a porous substrate support system which holds earth, grass or gravel. Made from recyceld materials.

We suppport a number of charities in Milton Keynes. See charity page for further details.

Rite-Edge & Ashphalt Edge rite-edge
Superior edging system made from high quality aluminium designed to last over 25 years.

A perfect edge to your borders, driveways & other hardstanding areas.


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