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GardenSelect supports a number of charities in the local area to Milton Keynes:

Willen Hospice

Willen Hospice opened in 1981. It is a registered charity (no. 270194) and care is provided at no cost to patients or their families. If you would like more information, to support any of their events or become a volunteer then please visit the Willen Hospice website.


Caton House

This is a residential and nursing home for the elderly and is based in on the Buckingham side of Bletchley in Epsom Grove. GardenSelect were privileged enough to start creating a Sensory garden in the grounds.The money raised from a trip to Peru has meant we have been able to add further colour and fun to the garden for the residents.For further information visit the Caton House website.


My name is Clare Hill from GardenSelect and I enjoy trekking. Whilst trekking I thought it would be good to raise money for local organisations. Below is a taste of my adventures.


The Lares Trails and Machu Picchu in Peru


view of lares trail in PeruIn November 2010 I went to Peru as I wanted to walk in the Andes where the original Incas descendants live. At the same time I raised over £350 for Caton's House Sensory Garden.


The Lares trail takes you through stunning and diverse landscapes, from snow capped mountains to crystal clear lakes and green valleys. On the left is a stunning view with one of the porter's dogs admiring the view whilst a peruvian lady is weaving on the side of the mountain. We are at around 3,800 metres here.

We spent four days trekking through the most stunning scenery and had the privilege to camp in the local villages. the views of the incas Machu Picchu




After we had finished trekking we left early the next morning by train which goes downhill right on the banks of the River Urubamba to reach the town of Machu Picchu. Then we go up to the top the original Machu Picchu by coach. Where after a short walk you see the spectacular view that are on the right.




Mount Kilimanjaro

KilimanjaroIn February 2008 I, Clare Hill, trekked to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, which is 5896 metres, the highest free standing mountain in the world. I have always wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, so when I saw the challenge in the Willen Hospice magazine I decided to do it. I managed to raise £3,200 for Willen.

So what was the trip like? Fantastic; I would recommend it to anyone. It has its ups and downs, but that is only to be expected.


Trekking started on Sunday and by Wednesday night se had reached the last camp before the final ascent to the summit. We went to bed at 7.30pm with our water bottles and cameras in our sleeping bags, so they did not get frozen. We were all dressed ready to get up at 11pm for the final ascent. After 6 hours trekking we arrived at the

crater rim, Stella Point (5750m) just as the sun was coming over the top. What a view!!

on top of Kilimanjaro for Willen HospiceAfter a short stop, most of us decided to carry on to the highest summit Uhuru (5896m). It did not look far but took over an hour to reach it. Uhuru means 'freedom' in Swahill and you can see why when you get there. It really felt as if you were on top of the world. We then spent a day and a half coming down the mountain..


Ngorongo conservation area



Some of us stayed on to go on safari to the Ngorongoro Conservation area and Lake Manyara National Park. The landscape and animals were fantastic. The whole of the park is within an extinct volcano as can be seen in the pictures on the left as well as a picture of tired lions below


pride of lions



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Willen Hospice

link to RHS website