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- Design
- Landscaping
- Maintenance
- Driveways

- Overview
- SB Plant Invigorator
- NutriMate
- Overview
- Iriso Drippers
- Irrigation Accessories
- Capillary Matting
- Shrubs & Perennials - Overview
- Flower diseases
- Stem & leaf diseases
- Root diseases
- Fruit diseases
- Vegetable diseases
- Overview
- Caterpillar damage
- Greenfly & Blackfly
- Red spider mite
- Slugs & snails
- Vine weevil
- Whitefly
- Overview
- Light-weight pots and containers
- Biodegradeable pots
- Plastic pots and trays
- Rootrainers
- Magic Seeder
- Rootex - bags & barrier

- Overview
- Cutting & PruningTools
- Digging & Planting Tools
- Cultivators, Hoes & Rakes

- Enviropave & Ritepave

- Wasps & Flies
- Rats & Mice

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If you would like an order form or product catalogue, have any queries/comments, or require any further information - please don't hesitate to contact us!


GardenSelect Ltd
PO Box 5146
Milton Keynes
Tel/Fax: 01908 631594
E-mail: enquiries@gardenselect.co.uk


Privacy Policy


We value our customers privacy and we do not give out any information to any outside sources. Customer information is used by GardenSelect for processing orders. Where customers have agreed GardenSelect will update them on any promotions and updates to its website.


Thank you,
Clare Hill


James Brown - Webmaster


My name is James and I have been designing the GardenSelect website since Summer 2008. I am an undergraduate university student at the University of Birmingham where I am studying Computer Science. Aside from web design, I possess a wide range of computing skills including programming in Java, graphic design and developing databases. I am currently seeking new challenges in these areas to to enhance my knowledge and understanding and to obtain further experience. If you wish to contact me about starting a project, my e-mail address is jamesmartinbrown[at]googlemail[dot]com.


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