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Lite-Weight Pots and Containers

Ceramic-lite, terracotta-lite and wooden-lite pots and containers


- Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

- Unique lightweight construction made from high density foam.

- Robust and strong.

- Frostproof with good insulation.

- Keeps the roots warm in winter and cool in summer.

- Does not absorb water so less watering.


These planters and containers are made from high density foam with added resin making them robust and easy to handle. The finish of these planters make them really look like terracotta, ceramics or wood. Theses containers are approximately 90% lighter than the real material. Try one and you will wonder why you ever struggled with those old heavy pots.

wooden lite barrel


Oak Wooden Lite Barrels

This classic barrel has an aged weathered appearance of rugged wood-grain and blackened metal bands. he barrels are made from fibreglass with a coating of foam on the outside. It is available in two sizes. Large barrel 53cm (21inch) diameter x 36cm (14inch) depth . - Buy



heritage round


Heritage Terracotta Planters

Traditional container in terracotta colour with slight liming on the diamond pattern or in a plain style. Tapers slightly inwards. - Buy





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