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Nutrimate tub


NutriMate is completely safe and 100% organic.
Plants grow bigger with better colour.
Vegetables taste better.
Used by professional growers.
Once you have tried NutriMate you will always use it.





What is NutriMate?

NutriMate is an organic growth stimulant unlike anything you will have used before.

NutriMate contains very high levels of humic and fulvic acids.These are naturally occurring elements that improve the way nutrients and your plants work.

The humic acid quickly locks available nutrients into the soil or compost reducing leaching. The fulvic acid allows for better uptake and use of nutrients in the plants.
For a start, it's taken 70 million years to produce!
It is earthy, rich, dark and 100% organic.
It can be added to any bed or border, growing bag, pot, tub or basket and even lawns.
It gives impressive improvements to growth, flowering and cropping.

And, if you are already thinking you have heard all this before don't worry, so did we until we tried it.


Where to Use NutriMate


NutriMate can be used anywhere to improve plant growth and quality in soils and composts. It is Kerria plantparticularly good in hanging baskets, tubs and growing bags where watering can wash the nutrients out of the compost. It is ideal for use with hungry plants such as brassicas and tomatoes. Seeds dusted with NutriMate will establish quickly.

The photo on the left shows the roots of young Kerria plants. The pot on the right has been treated with NutriMate and shows considerably more young root growth than the untreated pot. The treated plant is better able to take up water and nutrient from compost giving a better quality plant.


polyanthus withoutpolyanthus with nutrimate

The pictures show polyanthus being grown on a commercial nursery. The photo on the left shows the results of polyanthus grown without NutriMate whereas the picture on the right is with NutiMate. The pictures speak for themselves the addition of NutriMate increases growth and flower density.






cabbage grown with Nutrimate

Picture on the left shows healthy cabbage after using Nutrimate

Economical formulation means that it is used very sparingly:

When sowing seeds in rows such as for vegetables, dust the base of the drill row prior to seed sowing at 100g (4oz) per linear metre (yard).
For tubs and baskets apply as a surface treatment at the rate of 25g (1oz) per plant.
For establishment of bedding plants in borders apply at 100g per sq metre (4oz per sq yd) prior to planting out.

When mixing into compost use 250g (10oz) per 80 litre bag of compost

Available in 750gm (1.5lbs) and 10 kg (22lbs) tubs - Buy



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