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Landscaping & Gardening Tools

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Bahco began manufacturing hand tools in 1886 when they began manufacturing saws under the brand "fisk och krok" ("Fish and Hook"). In 1888 the pipe wrench was invented and in 1892 the adjustable wrench, by one of the company's founders, J.P. Johansson. Today the company is regarded as one of the leading manufacturers of hand tools for the professional craftsman.


GardenSelect are proud to be able to supply their hand tools for the garden and professional landscape industry. The tools include:


Pruning Sawspruning saw



Includes comfortable handheld saws as well as saws to be used together with an extension pole. Folding saws with extremely comfortable handles and safety locking, complete the range. They are manufactured at the world’s largest handsaw factory in Sweden. The teeth on the saws are precision ground all the way from the top (tip) down to the bottom (gullet) so as to carry out a good, clean cut. Once you have tried the Bahco saw you will never use any other make.


bow saw

Bow Saws


Bahco bow saws are made from high quality steel and protected by a coating of high impact enamel paint. The erogonomic, integrated handle and handguard makes sawing comfortable, effortless and reduces knuckle injury. Easy to use mechanism gives maximum tension and safe handling.






Bahco have a wide range of secateurs designed for professional use where they are being used every day right down to the occasional gardener. The beauty of the Bahco range is all are made of extremely high quality steel and have an extremely efficient cutting edge. The Bahco range allows for different hand sizes and also cater for the left-handed person.





Bahco helps you take the strain out of pruning. A range of two-handed loppers enables both green and old hard dead wood to be handled with ease. They are robust and lightweight and depending on model will cut up to 50mm (2 inches) with ease.






Hedge and grass shears


High quality steel handles for good balance. Special stopper clip holds the bolt and nu keeping theblades perfectly aligned. Blades are fully hardened steel giving durability and robustness for any workthrown at them.Rubber buffers reduce injuries to elbow and wrist. Short and long double handled, as well as single handled shears are available.


Tip: Sign of good shears: the blades are shaped so that they are only touching at the cutting point. This reduces friction and sticking.




Snips are primarily designed for use in the grape industry to thin vines and harvest grapes. They are also ideal for florist work .The handles, made of glass fibre reinforced plastic are shaped to fit the contours of the hands and incorporate shock absorbing rubber buffers. They also come with a plastic holster.





Top pruners and polespole



Using the top pruners it is possible to cut or saw branches at a height of up to 6 m (19.5ft). The toppruners are bypass tree secateurs that are of fully hardened blades. The blades are precision ground and are very strong and allow for easy cutting. There is a range of telescopic poles made from aluminium or glass fibre, the smallest has an extension of 2.7 metres and the longest 5m.



floral scissorsFloral scissors


Three types of floral scissors all with stainless steel blades and soft touch finger loops.  There use ranges from pruning delicate plants and harvesting herbs to ribbons, paper, cardboard and even soft wire.




sharpening tool

Sharpening Tools


Wide range of sharpening tools, which are suitable for shears, secateurs, scythes, axes and mower blades.




standard axeAxes


Bahco have a range of camping, felling and splitting axes as well as splitting wedge.







Long handled digging tools from Ames True Temper


true temper logo

Produce a range of long handled digging tools from Ireland. They are made from forged hardened steel and with long ash handles. The digging tools are extremely strong.



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